The Art of Creating


From the very beginning, the primary focus for AYTM has been on the design. We always ask ourselves; what can we do differently, how can we surprise people and how do we ensure originality? The AYTM collections are not just designed by one person, we have a team of very talented designers with different backgrounds and experiences. Each designer brings a unique set of skills to the table, so we are able to create truly unique and original collections that live up to the high standards that are required in the home accessory and furniture industry.

The team consist of seven people, each with their own talent. Our creative director and owner, Kathrine, has years of experience in both buying and product development. She manages the team on a daily basis. Signe and Peter are furniture designers, who recently completed their degrees. They are technically skilled people who are in tune with the latest trends. Nanna is an engineer, specialised in industrial design. She has worked extensively with product design throughout her career and masters the art of combining form and function in harmony perfectly. Jens-Christian is an architect and furniture designer who has years of experience in both product and space design, this gives him a unique perspective into developing objects while keeping the space it will occupy in mind. Jesper is originally a carpenter, but a back injury has caused a need to change his career path. He has found a passion for design and is now in the process of re-educating while working here. His background gives Jesper great insight into various materials and their optimal use. Our graphic designer is Jasmine, she is responsible for all graphic aspects and visual style of the brand’s marketing materials and packaging.

The most important aspect for us is to give you original, innovative, inspiring collections in high quality. Our entire design team is highly motivated to achieve just that and we feel that each person is an indispensable contribution to the team and to the collections.