• STILLA rug
  • STILLA rug
  • STILLA rug


Product no. 50077

  • Dark grey
  • L160xW130 CM031
    L265xW220 CM032

The design of the Stilla shape has become an instant icon for AYTM. The unique drop shape can be found in a variety of styles, here the Stilla rug in lovely wool. Soft touches for the floors that is perfect for every home décor. Stilla comes in two sizes and in several colours. The Stilla rug is hand cuftet and made by 100 % wool and 100% cotton on the backside.


Daily cleaning: Use the vacuum cleaner frequently when the rug is new, as it will produce shed fluff for a period of time. 
Stains: Immediately dab the area with a white cotton cloth to prevent the stain to penetrate the fibers. Carefully sprinkle a bit of water on the stain and dab again with a white cotton cloth. If the stain has not disappeared the rug should be cleaned by a proffessional. Never clean the rug with chemicals. 

*Note that colours may fade if the rug is exposed to strong sunlight for a longer period of time.
*Staining from the backside of the rug might occur. It is therefore recommended to use an underrug on vinyl, oil and untreated floors. 

NZ Wool 100%

Cotton 100%

Spot clean only