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  • CONTRA rug
  • CONTRA rug


Product no. 50147

The Contra rug is a soft and elegant addition to the décor. A special weaving technique gives the Contra rug its unique 3D effect. Contra rugs are made of lovely wool and comes in two beautiful colours and sizes.


Daily cleaning: Use the vacuum cleaner frequently when the rug is new, as it will produce shed fluff for a period of time. 
Stains: Immediately dab the area with a white cotton cloth to prevent the stain to penetrate the fibers. Carefully sprinkle a bit of water on the stain and dab again with a white cotton cloth. If the stain has not disappeared the rug should be cleaned by a proffessional. Never clean the rug with chemicals. 

*Note that colours may fade if the rug is exposed to strong sunlight for a longer period of time.
*Staining from the backside of the rug might occur. It is therefore recommended to use an underrug on vinyl, oil and untreated floors.   

NZ Wool 100%

Cotton 100%

Spot clean only